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i cant download it :/ it wont let me, i click down load, it starts downloading, and then it says download interrupted, and download failed and that it cant be downloaded

That's really weird... We have no idea what can be causing that isuue, sorry :(

i downloaded other games off at the same time, and gamejolt, but i cant download any games off steam either :/

i am just waiting for this to finish its download i am just itching to play it get it the key word is itching


I haven't played the game because I don't know if my little laptop will play it but everything about this looks visually stunning and amazing, and how it looks so depressing yet so beautiful. I'll see if it works, but otherwise, keep up your great work!

Thank you! We really hope that you can play it so you can tell us what you think ;) 


Wow, this was a really awesome little game. It's also nice that how well made it is really beautiful and cutesie game and I really love the little adventures you go on. Gameplay wise, is still nice the fact you can wander around anywhere also gives the game a nice little touch. Some parts with the platforming was alright besides that you're floaty but you're paper so what do you expect. I suggest this little game if you want a fun adventure for about an hour or so.


Thank you, we're happy you enjoyed our little game :) !

Hihi no problem. really nice work you have here, can't wait to see what else you have in store. Haha

I loved this game, It was so relaxing. A nice short experience easy to enjoy.
There were however a few bugs and things that should be fixed, Example the (Underground area) Was easy to escape from the spider if you just let it pass.
However this did not take away from the awesome experience i had while playing.

Glad you liked it! And yes we are aware of those bugs, we'll upload an update that should fix the main bugs/issues we had!

Amazing graphics and overall a really fun game!!!!

Thank you!

A charming little game with plenty of mystery to it, A Tale of Paper proves to be a pretty fun play. While not all mechanics are immediately obvious, the game gives you plenty of space to roam and discover what does what rather than simply holding your hand, and I can appreciate that. It leaves a little to be desired on the audio side of things, though the chase music with the spider has a pretty rad beat going on.

Visually, I have no complains at all. Everything is well designed and works well to set the apparently dreary and potentially post apocalyptic tone of the game, while not coming off as a downer. (I could be mistaken on the apocalyptic thing. The radiation zones just have me thinking it.) I also thoroughly enjoy the subtle environmental storytelling through room decorations and the litter outside; it's good proof that not all games need a narrator telling you everything.

The controls feel a little sketchy at times, and playing with the gamepad didn't seem to have transformation buttons(unless I missed them), but this is some great work. Good job, devs.

Glad you enjoyed it :D! About the gamepad imputs, we'll uplad an update soon with gamepad compatibility and it should work fine!

Part 2/Ending!

A fun game with enjoyable mechanics that I could definitely see lending itself to gamepad controls very well. The only thing I would want more of from this is maybe story. I had a vague idea of what was going on...but only vague.

still not "claimable"

Can't seem to find the issue, the claimable option only appears for reedemable keys but our game is free therefore there's no key for it needed. If you know how this problem could be solved please tell us!


what to say about this game other than wow! absolutely incredible! lovely environment and i loved the fact you could shape shift into different shapes for different obstacles! really awesome job on creating this game! :D 


We're really happy that you enjoyed our little game!


My friend and I had such a wonderful time playing your game. We ere enchanted by the subtle story line and the whimsical mechanics. We really couldn't find any fault with the game. During the encounter with the stairs, I had felt a check point system would have been helpful, but after looking over the footage from the video in editing, I realized it very much lends itself to the ideas of trial and tribulation. Anything that my friend and I discussed during the video as far as mechanics go would only be if you chose to enhance the game in the future, because personally, I found little fault in it whatsoever. =)
Overall, subtle and symbolic story, little bits of humor found in a solemn environment to relieve tension, fun mechanics that can sometimes get you into trouble, and a lovely ending that pulls at your heart. 
Thank you so much for this wonderful game!

Thank you for the kind words, we're really glad you enjoyed our game!


I loved it! 


Glad you liked it!

Let tell you Somethings.. Good Job !! ,,  i enjoy the game, yes it have some issues but good things take some times.. (Note: Stairs lvl, you can avoid the fallen steps running stick to the walls in some parts. )

We're glad you enjoyed our game! And the thing you mention about the stairs level we are aware of it, but we find it kind of "funny" so we don't plan on removing it at the moment :P. Anyway, thanks for the feedback!

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tried your game out and i have some complaints: there doesn't seem to be settings and during the spider chase, i get stuck on nothing so the spider gets me, it happens past the pot with sticks and pass the long river of water that has i think Oreo's floating in it? but otherwise, it is a great game, can't wait to see it as a full game

Yes, we are aware of the problems the collisions are causing on that level and we're working on fixing it! 

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Hi there, I'd like to start this off by saying that I thought the game was great. The environments are beautiful and there's a definite attention to detail here. One area that really stood out to me is the room with the model planets, the lighting and reflections are absolutely amazing, it practically melted my eyeballs. I also found the use of alternate character forms to solve puzzles and explore the fantastic environments to be one of the strongest points in the game. 

I only have two complaints with the game, one is in regards to how it controls. Most of the time it's fine, but there are some occasions where it's really difficult to get onto a box or other object no matter how hard you try. I imagine that this might alleviated with the use of a controller , but I digress. The other complaint is with the story, I did read the full synopsis here on and in your provided press kit after I completed the game, it certainly pieced things together but I think some sort of indication on what's happening within the game would be great.

All in all this is a beautiful little adventure with some fantastic looking environments. I love that the game gives the player new abilities but doesn't overload you at the same time, and each ability has some practical use even in the later areas of the game. The controls complaint I have is more of a minor annoyance than anything of substance. Some indication of what's happening story wise would be lovely, whether it's through the use of a narrator or perhaps just a few short written notes.

I definitely enjoyed my time with your game. I hope you don't mind but I recorded a let's play of it for my channel.

Cheers and best wishes!

Thanks for the feedback, we are working on fixing some issues and adding more stuff to the game. We're really glad you enjoyed our game!


Excellent game, with a few glitches, but very very good


When I saw your game here I immediately thought it would be great and decided to give it a go. Guess what? It is a really awesome game.
The whole atmosphere is serene and the environments are well thought. The whole idea with the main character made out of paper is actually brilliant both concept wise and gameplay wise. While being vulnerable to almost anything, the character takes advantage of his nature and transforms into other shapes/forms to proceed through the environments.
On the technical side the game is well done! The visuals are pretty good (especially the Subsurface scattering material on the mushrooms and the emmisive one on the planet models) and they blend with the lighting of the scenes (I'm glad you used ue4, because the lighting on this engine is awesome). Generally, the materials of the props and of the environment are sharp enough for their purpose.
The mechanics of the game are well done as well. I haven't finished the game, since I want to take my time and explore, but so far everything is going smooth and that makes the game really enjoyable!
I would really like to see more of this, because it really has potential to be a succesful project!

We're really glad you enjoyed it, thank you!


love the game and ideas you have cant wait to see more really liked the graphics and how every thing looked so good very fun and cool game!!

Thank you! We're really glad you enjoyed or little game!

your welcome!!

any chance you can make it claimable so it stays in my Itch library ?

I thought this game was absolutely ADORABLE! I don't know why you don't have so much more attention on this game, I liked that it had a similar feel to little nightmares with the side scrolling game play, the fact that we're small and a few puzzles, but with that being said I don't feel like you copied it in any way. I was blown away with the fact that hey, we're paper but more than that we actually had to "learn" how to turn into the paper ball, and the frog, it was perfection! I only have two small complaints about this game, the fact that when you are walking on a plank (in the stair area) It was a bit frustrating to have to wiggle back and fourth with the controls to get across it, I wish the camera angle straightened out so we could just run across it easily, my second complaint is that it's too short! I think the environment, the art style, the mechanics, everything is just so good, I really hope you plan on doing something bigger with this cause I would be all over it! You've seriously made such a great concept and I would love to see what this could be blown out on a bigger scale with more of a story! Great work! 

We're really happy that you enjoyed our game, we'll be updating it and adding more content to it soon!

awesome I can't wait!


This game looks really cool. Could you upload it directly to I've removed your upload limit so you shouldn't have any issues. If the game is larger than 2gb you'll have to use butler though, since our browser uploader doesn't allow files that big.

Done! Thank you :)


I was finally able to reach the conclusion of this wonderful little adventure. I was not disappointed, I was glad to see even in the last chapter of the game the developers included new mechanics and environments to interact with. I am content with splitting the sessions up into two parts because it helped me appreciate what a unique experience openhouse has created. I hope to see more of your games in the future! 


LITTLE NIGHTMARES OF ORIGAMI | A Tale Of Paper Full Gameplay Walkthrough First Look

Thank you for this! Really appreciate the feedback, we will be updating the game fixing some issues and improving some parts of certain levels.



This game is absolutely a gem for the internet. Your game brought me back to a time of sentiment and awe. It renewed the perspective of wonder in exploration. I have yet to finish it, however I intend to do so in a second part, but for now it left me with such positive and wonderful feelings. From the curious attic to the sewer soaked filth, you have engaged my wonder, and not so easily done so. I have so much respect for the amount of detail and care you have put into your game which you have offered us. I really hope this becomes a large title because I really want to see more. At the very least, this was a wonderful and happy experience among darker themes we see so commonly. It was exhilarating to take a step back from all the excitement to a slower state of mind. One where exploration and mystery are eased into. I look forward to the conclusion, thank you so much for this experience from your personal creativity. 

Thank you so much for the kind words! We are really happy that you enjoyed the game and also thanks for sharing it in such a positive way.


Me ha gustado, me recordó a Machinarium.

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