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When can I play this game? I wanna play sooooo much... x(


We don't have official release date yet, but you can follow us in our social media so you don't miss on anything.

Our plann is to release the game on the first half of 2020. 

We are working hard on it :)

Is this not available to download? I can't find the button anywhere

Hello, the free demo of A Tale Of Paper isn't available anymore. Nowadays we are working on the project to improve it and make it longer. You will have to wait until we release the full version of the game. Be sure to follow us in our social media so you don't miss on any news. Fresh and new things are coming. Stay Tuned!

Top class game! This didn't feel like a small Indie Game at all. Some of my thoughts when straight to games like Little Nightmare when it came to the look of the game. 

I would love to see more of games like this from you. So atmospheric and fun game mechanics. Highly recommend to play this game with a Gamepad. 

This game wasn't what I though at first. It was better!


Brilliant little game. Would love to see the world expanded on. Has a really nice Little Nightmares feel to it while still being something of it's own. Good job Devs. :D

My play on it:


Gave it a go...

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The concept is unique and awesome! The only problem with the game is that it's super laggy and playing it with the keyboard was incredibly frustating. Nonetheless, I adore the game. Looking forward to your other games!


This game is delightful. And gorgeous. And occasionally infuriating. But that just adds to the experience!

Being able to fold yourself into different forms to overcome each obstacle thrown into your path is such a unique mechanic, kind of reminiscent of Mega Man but on a slightly calmer, less bullet-hell level! You've all done an amazing job on this, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Keep up the awesome work =)

Download saying it is not available for windows on desktop app..?

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love this game, but the controls could use a little work

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why does it say "not available on windows" when i look in the itch desktop app ?

I would like to install and launch from there.


This game never siezed to amaze me!  There is so many little things to notice and explore. Loved the Game!


This is great game concept! I really enjoyed playing this! 

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Here's a Steam banner. Enjoy!

And another!


I may not of gotten far but I sure had fun, cool concept!


This video is better because there's no cam or commentary.

It was a great Adventure. finished it and i wish there were more episodes... You can check part 2 - ending :)


I played this game and it was really interesting! Part 2 coming tomorrow ^_^

Played the second part! Really like the ending, please make this into a series of chapter games developers ! 😬

Thank you for a really amazing game keep up the great work 

Can't wait to play it again! Such an immersive game :D

I really loved the ideas! Had some trouble using the controls, and I couldn't get past the spider chase because of said control issues. However, I love the origami power idea, and the world is creative and interesting.

can you please make it for windows? id love to play this!!

It's only for windows right now, but we might work on an iOS build in the future

This was an absolutely adorable game with driven story, and although it doesn't tell you anything, the artistic representation of the game and the cleverness of it connects on a much deeper level. I'll be rooting for that little piece of paper in my dreams. 


Super beautiful game! I loved every second of it. Made a video, I hope you enjoy! 

To start I was so incredibly frustrated with this because I may have been trying to play with my keyboard.

But once I switched to a USB controller boy oh boy did me and this game click.

The controls are pretty standard run, jump, the usual but the origami element really took the biscuit and the fact that the different structures control differently is a step above.

The general atmosphere of the game really shines through as well you can tell how much passion and hard work went into this, truly fantastic work.

My only gripe is that on the spider part the paper boy constantly got stuck when running up inclines, I had to constantly jump and even then he'd sort of stick every now and then, sorry I'm just reliving the 100 attempts I made at that part.

Good job.

The spider level is now fixed! We launched an update some days ago fixing the collisions and other bugs.

Awwh I was just busting your balls, loved your game. 

Play this game on my channel in German 

Played this on my channel, it's got some really great atmosphere!

its really horror here. i got lot of sensation right here but log of lag too. may i know the system requirement and recomended?

Great narrative since I believe the simplest narratives are the good ones. I only wish it was a bit longer.

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Is this normal for the download? I can't seem to play the game. Once it finishes doing that it just closes and then nothing else happens.

EDIT: After extracting to Desktop and double-clicking the prototip application file:

Try running it as admin.

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Just tried running as admin, still comes up with the same error message as I added in my edit.

EDIT: Had accidentally only extracted the application file. I went back and extracted everything and now it runs but a message appears saying that something cannot proceed and re-installing should fix it.

Will try re-installing.

I always keep a games folder that is excluded  from my antivirus scanning  as that can interfere with a game starting up.

I can move a game to that folder and play it from there.

Can't download via the desktop itch app.

it says "Not available on Windows"

I cannot rate this game highly enough ! Developer's I really hope you make this into a chapter game :)

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i don't know if it's my laptop but it was super glitchy,both the movement and sound. which is a shame since it looks like a really great game.


plz halp meh, dis game...... it makes me oof

Loved the game, it was a well done story with some great mechanics and great "enemies" The Sound effects and story were fantastic. Keep up the great work :)

This was way more adorable than I thought it'd be. I absolutely loved the sounds and visuals of this game, it built the perfect atmosphere. It DID feel a little like Little Nightmares, but it had its own little spin. The controls and mechanics were smooth and unique. The game wasn't too difficult, and I loved its odyssey-like method of storytelling. The main protagonist is really memorable and adorable. It has that 'Bendy' or 'Baldi' feel to it. A memorable main character is often the key to a game getting big. I feel like if animation and controls were just a tad more optimized, this game will go far. Thanks so much for making this!

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How the hell do I play the game. I downloaded it, Extracted files, and it doesnt open. . .

That’s weird, try having the files exctracted in a folder otherwise we don’t know what the issue might be. Tell us when it’s working for you, if not we’ll try to see what might cause the problem.


I disagree with the movement decision that "A" makes you walk up+left, "S" makes you walk down+left. "W" make you walk up+right, "D" makes you walk down+right. Game looks beautiful, but I cannot play this control scheme.

The movement shouldn't work like that, it must be a bug. Today we will post a new updated version of the game with gamepad compatibility and it should work fine.

I've seen this as well, particularly in parts like the spider scene. Simply moving straight there is difficult enough, let alone doing it fast enough to escape a giant spider


Sometimes glitched and got stuck, and then exiting to the main menu and resuming threw me WAY back (for example, I'd just gotten the glide/paper airplane unlock, and it threw me back to before I had the paper ball. As much as I'd enjoyed it so far I wasn't going to replay that. 

Loving the atmosphere and style of this game. Thanks for making such a beautiful game available free.

I included it in my roundup of awesome stuff indie game devs make here:

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